Thursday, February 17, 2011

Work Out of the Week-Core Strength

Hey guys! Try this killer ab workout, works lower, up and obliques, you'll definitely be sore the next day! Good luck!

1. The planks
-Get on elbows and feet, legs straight out and hold, make sure you back is straight not rounded, and butt down, suck your belly button into your spine.
* plank for 30 sec
* 5 sec. rest
* plank for 40 sec
* 5 sec rest
* plank for 50 sec
* 5 sec rest
* plank for 1 min
*rest 1 min, then do all again but backwards (start with 1 min, and go down)
-If it gets to hard during plank go down to knees.

rest go to 2

2. Crunches
* 60 crunches
straight into
* 60 crunches with legs straight in air
straight into
* 30 slow bicycles

Rest go to 3 almost done!

3. Last one! Side crunches and side Planks
* 30 each side, side crunches (lay on side and crunch up, make sure shoulder blades get off the ground on each crunch!)
straight into
* 30 sec each side planks (start with one side, right hand flat on floor in straight line with shoulder, legs straight out and hold) If to easy pulse up and down with hip!
repeat both exercises 2 on each side!

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